Session Overview

Moss Cove A
Advanced Performance and Scalability

Did you ever want to roll your own stack? Have you ever been worried about what is happening with your server(s) and if it will go down? Wanna get that High Performance, High Availability bump that everyone is talking about?

Well if you answer yes to any of these questions, you and I are much alike. So, join me as I discuss how I was able to scratch all of these itches and more. I will be covering the JSON based template system that Amazon's Web Services (AWS) offers with Cloudformation. During this hour, we will deploy an impressive array of Ubuntu 11 Natty servers that include a Varnish load balancer, an Auto Scaling array of Webheads with a Drupal web application, a Memcached and NFS Utility Server, and an RDS (Relational Database Service from AWS) Mysql Database. Each server will have CloudWatch Alarms attached for monitoring and will leverage the AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service) to send out any warning. If we have enough time in the demo, we will do some Apache Benchmark/Seige testing to autoscale our array of servers up and watch them scale back down during their cool off period.

As always, live demos come with warnings and this particular one is no exception. I will also be using Chef to handle the role declaration of these server and will be joined by friend and colleague Craig McEldowney (@craigmc).