Session Overview

Doheny Beach A
Intermediate Code and Development

This session is meant to help those who are interested in contributing back to the Drupal project and would like some guidance on the process.

The topics I will be covering are as follows:

- Becoming a contributor
- Ways to help out
- Where to look for help in your module building adventure
- What to and, what not to do
- A walk-through of a very basic module I created
- Setting up a Sandbox
- Git Access
- Actually submitting your module

NOTE: this is not a detailed discussion on building modules but more of a overview of the process necessary to get contributing.


I have to agree with BTMash. I think that there will be lots to gain for both the presenters & attendees to combine these two presentations as lots of the same things will be discussed/covered.

That wouldn't be a bad idea. With my only concern being that it would mean a lot to cover in only 1 hour...

I would like to join forces with you. However, I think that our sessions have different focuses. My session is intended to talk about how difficult it is to get "vetted" that is get the permission to start a project. That is why it is a panel/bof.

Frank, I sent a message to you using this sites contact form. Check to make sure you got it and let's continue dialog via email form that.