Session Overview

Beginner Code and Development

Come contribute to Drupal Friday before DrupalCamp LA. We'll be coordinating with Midwest Drupal Summit and Capital Camp on a Drupal codesprint! Come contribute together. This will be an All-Day event ... and all levels of contributors welcome to join! If you don't know how, we'll teach ... or you can just watch, learn, ask questions, hang out and have fun!

A few of the organizers likely won't be able to help (or even show up) before lunchtime. However, we'll have space available and IRC #drupal-contribute is sure to be busy. But the doors are open (even if you're early) and if you'd like to help lead in the morning, just come do-it! If you want to help coordinate in any other ways to make this sprint more effective -- please contact me!


Both my son (hosef) and I would like to attend this event. However, we'll be driving in from Las Vegas on Friday, so if it's too early, we won't be able to spend much time at it. I understand you want to coordinate with MWDS, so if that's the way it goes, then that's fine and we'll just do it another time.

The main idea is to get together and contribute. We have reserved the space in the engineering quad near the training rooms. I'll post details in the schedule tomorrow. Also, I just updated the description -- hopefully its a little more clear. The schedule doesn't allow me to choose more than an hour in length, but this will be all-day.