Session Overview

Pacific Ballroom C
Intermediate Design and User Experience

Whether you use Drupal or any other Content Management System as the back-end of your website, there is always a requirement for front-end design. This session does not focus on creating a Drupal theme, instead, it focuses on learning the principles of designing a clean, user-friendly and visually appealing design. These principles can then be applied to a Drupal theme.
In this session we will use CSS3 to accomplish many of the progressive enhancements to our design. We will build a full website layout in a matter of minutes and will discuss how to properly use color, texture, white space and typography to accomplish a visually appealing look. In addition, we will briefly go over how to style web forms and will be discussing the basics of using a CSS Framework to accomplish the layout of our design.
This session requires basic knowledge of CSS to follow along.

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I'll be using Foundation Zurb which uses SASS. However, I won't be using SASS for this presentation as I want to focus on the design principles rather than how to use the framework. Do you have experience with Foundation or other frameworks?

Thanks for the questions.