Session Overview

Doheny Beach B
Intermediate Code and Development

Chances are you've already learned that caching is awesome, and if you havn't jumped on the bandwagon here's your chance to hitch on. Together we'll cover the delicious goodness within and how to bring it into the fold for your modules. Using various snippets from core, contrib and custom modules I hope to illustrate the various ways cache is currently used in your Drupal site right now, and inspire you to use cache in your modules.

We'll finish up by discussing how Drupal's cache mechanism allows you to enhance your cache to get faster performance gains with Memcache. Including a brief overview of the give and takes of swapping out the database cache for alternative choices.

Examples of caching in Drupal core
Overview of cache_set and cache_get
Caching tips
Making your cache go further (Memcache)