Session Overview

Pacific Ballroom C
Beginner Site Building

Drupal switched to GIT last year. Did you? In this session I will cover the `must-know` and `how-to-do-things` aspects of GIT whether you're working solo or in a team environment.

In the first part of this session we'll focus on understanding GIT from a high level and some easy understandable workflows that you can start using right away. The majority of what GIT does is simple... but much of the documentation available doesn't seem to focus on the easy must-know stuff first. We will focus on the nuggets of information you need to build a strong foundation and feel confident you can get out of trouble, and we'll try to stay away from the technical jargon that can be confusing as you get started.

The second part of this presentation will be more of an interactive workshop where I can take questions and demonstrate real-world examples of how to use GIT like an undo button, what to do when you get into trouble, how to use GIT for deployment (and risks when doing this).

NOTE: If you'd like to co-present with me, please contact me.