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Full name: Chris Miller
Company: Stauffer
Twitter @beretta627
Interest: Drupal Service Provider

With over ten years of experience in all phases of professional web development, Chris Miller brings a wise, steady hand to the Stauffer team. He has refined his expertise by serving the needs of non-profit and business, with e-commerce and open source software. Early on in his career, Chris developed enterprise telecommunications solutions while pitching startup ideas to venture capitalists during the first dot-com boom. He discovered Drupal when version 6 was released, and has been using it as his preferred development platform ever since. Chris has built and managed dozens of sites for clients leveraging Drupal 6 and 7, while integrating these sites with CRMs such as CiviCRM,, SugarCRM, and Salsa. Some of his projects include work with UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education, Cornell University Admissions and Diversity, University Southern California (USC), Intel, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, InterAction, and American Airlines.