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Intermediate Site Building
Session Description: 

Drush Make allows you to build a Drupal site from a a set of instructions, letting Drush download and install Drupal core and modules. This allows you to describe a Drupal site installation in a simple text file.

Drush Make can:

  • Download Drupal core and contrib modules from
  • Checkout code from git, svn, etc. repositories
  • Download tar/zip files (for libraries or modules)
  • Download and apply patches

Session Overview

Intermediate Code and Development
Session Description: 

There are a lot of plug-ins for Drush. I just may get to list them all on one slide but the font would need to be very tiny.

Some plug-ins help with: Deployment, Data, Modules, Themes, Content, SSH, SCM (Source Code Management) like Git/SVN.

With the camp now over I am placing the list of Drush plug-ins with links here:

Drush plug-ins I created

Drush Cleanup
Drush MAMP

Drush plug-ins

Production check & Production monitor
Site Directory Migrate
Drush Extras (key commands: sql-compare, pushkey)
Git Hook
Drush SQL Extras
Drush Debug Tools
Cache Warmer
Drush Rebuild
Drush CTools Export Bonus
Drush Compass
Drush Deploy
Drush Theme Builder
Drush Toolbox
Drush Bench

Session Overview

Intermediate Code and Development
Session Description: 


Drush 5.4 is the new current stable release of the pro's Drupal administration tool - and the list of new features is awesome. Come see what Drush is really good at, and what is new in 5.0.

Drush 5 is the new recommended version to manage Drupal 6, 7, 8 sites; Drupal 5 users should stay on Drush 4.5.

A full list of Drush core commands is available at

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