Session Overview

Moss Cove A
Beginner BoF

Come contribute! Join us! For the past few months we have had monthly Contribute Back! Meetups and they have been fantastic! During each we either contributed patches or helped somehow in the process. As a result we've already helped get code committed to Drupal core! Want to help? Can't code? no problem. There truly is something for everyone to do. We'll help teach you.
The agenda is simple. Show up, bring a smile, and be prepared to work. Optionally, post link(s) to issues youd like to work on in the comments below. Otherwise, we'll get started on novice issues together.
Don't be intimidated we walk-through the process of reviewing and submitting patches together. If you have never done this before, then this a great place to learn.

If you would like to see a list of issues that we have worked on in last few meetups. Checkout our LA Drupal Issues Wiki Page. Here we list what we have worked on and what the status is of issues that still need some love.