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Full name: Craig McEldowney
Company: Freelancer
Twitter @craigmceldowney
Interest: Corporate and Enterprise IT

Craig has been working in content management systems since 1999. In that time, his experience has run the gamut, from writing custom CMS applications and customizing and integrating with large-scale “closed-source” enterprise systems to working with open source CMS platforms. For the last 5 years, Craig has specialized in Drupal-based solutions. He’s built out dozens of large scale sites, including custom e-commerce integrations, web startup platforms, internal authoring environments for custom presentation layers and numerous higher education sites. Craig has worked at all stages of the project engagement workflow, from up-front consulting, sales support, project management, system architecture, technical lead, deployment manager in both hands-on development, and senior management capacities. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in consulting around content strategy, technical architecture, functional requirements analysis, and business process analysis.